Friday, July 8, 2016

Broken Back
Skating Accident May 11 :: 1997
I was going really fast :: in a full tuck down that steep hill at the North End of the Park
when some idiot who didn't know how to skate flailed out in front of me
from some park path
Stupidly I tried to swerve to miss him 
but I was going too fast and ended up projecting myself into the air
landing on my lower back
cracked lower vertebra 
an electric shock feeling then my feet started going numb
paramedics thankfully nearby put me on a spine board
I had no health insurance so I was yelling at them to just put me in a cab
they would not listen
at hospital they left me on that spine board out in the hall for hours groaning in pain
while some guy in a wheelchair next to me, also left for hours, took a shit
finally they gave me some pain killers
the doctors told me that my spinal cord was not compromised 
even tho I had cracked the bone
they told me that because I was in such good shape my tight muscles had held everything together
thank goodness for all of those crunches !!
it took months of wearing a brace
had to take a break from skating and from martial arts training
I did not miss the God Is My Co-Pilot European Tour !!
although everyone made fun of me for being in a punk band and sitting on a stool to play bass !!
at least I had the excuse to not have to schlep equipment
I am Very Lucky to Still Be Walking !!
Hey Kids!
Do Your Crunches
Stay Away from Idiots who Can't Skate !!

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