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Ramones Show :: Queens Museum
June 25 2016

A day of presentations including Mickey Leigh, Godlis, Andy Shernoff, Monte Melnick, and Me !! (Fly-O). I was thrilled to be included in this event, all thanks to Marc Miller. I put together a "Hey! Ho! Slide! Show!" of some of my Ramones Artwork (which really only features Joey). All of the presentations were really good and I had a front row for most :: except Monte (sorry!!) because by then I was in the back doing a merch table with Mickey. 
Here is some of my Ramones Art and also some sketches that I did that day.
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Fly-O Slide Show
Panels from my comic (seen below) plus stencils and flyers and PEOPs Portrait of Arturo Vega :: AND Photos of Dee Dee's paintings taken at Arturo's loft :: right around the corner from CBGB's, where he lived from the early 70s until his death in 2013. 

Me & Joey and Joe
I drew this comic after having a Very Very Intense Dream (on Dec. 22 2002) in which I was dating Joey Ramone and in the dream I was So Happy. When I woke up I didn't realize I had been dreaming and I felt so sad and  missed Joey So Much. When I turned on the radio I heard the news that Joe Strummer had died :: while I was sleeping :: I have been a HUGE Fan of the Clash since Day One and as a teenager had a Massive Crush on Joe Strummer. It was a heartbreaking morning.
This comic was included in the Weird Tales of The Ramones phenomenal box set that included a comic book and full library of Ramones releases. It was a Huge Deal for me to be included :: thanks to Rick Altergott who saw my comic in a zine that I sent to Ariel Bordeaux for hooking me up with this project !   

Mickey Leigh
One of the Original Punk Musicians talking about his book "I Slept With Joey Ramone" which is a fantastic, very personal and illuminating memoir of his life growing up with his brother Jeff Hyman, who later became Joey Ramone :: both of them, in different ways, being part of the birth of this thing called Punk!

Fantastic Photographer (one of the few) who captured the early days and beyond of NYC Punk. His book "History Is Made At Night" is a collection of some of his best :: beautiful images of the creation and turmoil of Generation Punk. 

Andy Shernoff
One of the founding members of legendary NY punk band The Dictators :: Andy shared some very personal stories about his long friendship with Joey Ramone :: about growing up in Queens, the early days of punk and sadly, his last moments with Joey as he passed away. He wrote and produced a beautiful tribute called Sweet Joey :: 

Arturo Vega
PEOPs Portrait by Fly-O
I drew this while hanging out with Arturo in his loft around the corner from CBGB"s in 2010. It was the first time I had been to his home and it was amazing to see all of the art that he had. It was like a museum of Ramones. He had such a fantastic collection of Dee Dee's paintings ! Sadly Arturo passed away in June of 2013. He was incredibly sweet and loved by many. Very Much Missed. 

The Feast of Saint Joey
Flyer by Fly-O
The Feast of Saint Joey (2006) was organized by the Hungry March Band, largely Ben Meyers, Joe Tuba, and Sara Valentine. The "punk pilgrimage" involved about a dozen people, including a couple of Swedes and a British father-daughter, but people petered out along the way and only Ben, Joe, and the Brits made it, including walking through a heavy thunderstorm that cracked the late afternoon.

The march from TSP to CBGBs was, believe it or not, permitted by the local precinct, who closed down a lane of traffic on Second Ave for the processional. We told the community affairs cops ahead of time that it was a religious procession (WHICH WAS TRUE!), and no more questions were asked. If I recall correctly, there were probably ~200 people involved.

Jpeg Ramone
I got the idea for this when I noticed that whenever I would type "joey" on my iPhone it would auto-correct it to jpeg :: it was driving me nuts becuz I have a lot of friends called Joey. Then I came up with the idea to create a new band called "The Jpegs" and instead of everyone having the same Last Name, everyone would have the Same First Name :: so it would be Jpeg Ramone, Jpeg Strummer, Jpeg Shithead - - - - and - - - I couldn't think of another very famous Joey or Joe punk musician. 
I made this stencil into prints and t-shirts so if you are interested in acquiring then please contact me ::

Unknown Ramone
Because we are all weird and funny looking and misfits and outcasts 
and OCD oddballs !

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